terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Carnival--the Nesting Season?

It's that time of year when Rio takes a break from the mundane. It's Carnival, and, in addition to the elaborate samba parade/competition (held over several nights), that means that people get a few days off of work and any turn on any street could lead you right into the heart of a block party full of smiling people wearing light costumes and drinking beers or caipirinhas under the hot summer sun. 

For me, though, Carnival mostly means a few days off of work--caipirinhas are still off the menu for the near future unfortunately. Granted, I just returned to work from the Christmas holiday two weeks ago, but Lent and Easter are on the calendar a bit early this year--as my husband says, it's a lunar thing. 

Yesterday, my husband and I shared the day together doing things that we enjoy in the great outdoors with people who we enjoy. Today, he has abandoned me to do some rock climbing with friends (something that I cannot really join him in at 33 weeks pregnant). I have stayed at home to get some school work done, but the reality is that I've mostly been nesting.

It's not that I don't feel the urgency of getting all the units/lessons planned for the rest of the school year (maternity leave will start sometime towards the end of March if all goes according to plan). Rather, planning and preparing for baby just  feels more immediate, more necessary, and more enjoyable.

So far, I've mixed up a home recipe of cloth-diaper-safe detergent, prepped a large portion of our cloth diaper stash, and pre-washed all of the small baby clothes that we've received/purchased up to this point. (The benefit of the hot summer sun in Rio is that things dry pretty quickly which means I'm able to get more laundry done in one day. We don't have a dryer or even the space for one, so everything gets air-dried which again works out fine on sunny days. I do need more clothespins, however!) I will likely wash more of the baby things tomorrow--focusing on the cloth books and toys probably. 

I'm still in a bit of a pickle regarding baby stuff storage. We did just get some beautiful cupboards installed in two rooms this past weekend, but we need to decide which things are going where. And, until we actually get a crib set-up, the apartment definitely does not feel ready... The things that I washed today will all go back into a big plastic tub that we bought the other day until we decide where to put them. But, just having them ready will give me some peace of mind--a woman I work with just delivered her son this past weekend at 36/37 weeks (she hadn't even had her baby shower yet!), and that sort of thing makes me nervous, nervous.

My husband, though, is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. If/when you see him, you need to tell him to humor his wife and get a move on with all this baby prep stuff. Seven weeks seems like a long time until you realize that afterwards your life will never be the same again.

Beijos. Boas festas! Have a safe and relaxing Carnival.

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